The ActiDerm Antibacterial facewash has changed. Firstly, the business name has changed from ActiDerm to Acti-Labs.

actiderm antibacterial facewash is now MicellarThe product name has also changed. The new antibacterial facewash available from Acti-Labs is called Micellar lotion.

Acti-Labs Micellar lotion is a mild cleanser for your face, eyes and lips. It is appropriate to use even if you suffer from sensitive skin prone to redness, rosacea and irritation or sensitive eyes.

Our Micellar Lotion is a cosmeceutical grade cleanser packed full of ‘micelles’ which attract and pull out, even the deepest of dirt, from your skin. Think of it as a dirt magnet! Even thou it is doing a POWERFUL job of cleaning your skin, it is still super sensitive and gentle enough for sensitive eyes. PH balanced so it suits every skin type.

So, if you have run out of your favourite ActiDerm Antibacterial facewash buy its highly recommended alternative

ActiDerm Anitbacterial Facewash / Now Micellar Lotion