If you are looking to earn extra income from home but you hate the idea of selling then joining the Acti-Labs business opportunity may be just want you need.

To run a direct sales business you do have to talk to people so you want to at least be comfortable with that, but you never have to sell with Acti-Labs. You will find that Acti-Labs products sell because of their results.

Here are some different ways that Acti-Labs Ambassadors talk rather than sell, giving them an opportunity to earn extra income:

They use the product. Every business person (and you are in business) should be a shining example and representation of the product they promote. As your skin changes thanks to the wonderful skin care range. Or your makeup looks amazing because of the beautiful HD foundation mylan bupropion xl. You will find that people ask about what you have been doing/using and sales are generated.

They write/vlog about the products. Beauty Bloggers are great at writing about make-up and skincare so why not enjoy receiving an income for your recommendation. Using a blog or setting up a YouTube channel is a great way to talk without selling. Some Ambassadors do make ‘adverts’ using video and place them online but think bigger than that – consider becoming a beauty vlogger and creating tutorials using the Acti-Labs make-up. You earn a living by helping others with their makeup.

Acti-Labs Ambassadors talk rather than sell - acti-labs toothpastePhotographic evidence. When you become an Acti-Labs Ambassador you become part of a team and our team group has a huge number of photos that are shared between us. You will find photographic evidence of people using and getting results with the product. You can use these to show people and to post on your social media accounts. That technique continues to generate income from people.

In general conversation with people. Have you ever recommended a book or a film worth watching? Promoting the Acti-Labs products is no different. You don’t need to go into “features” mode and rattle off a load of ingredients or talk about the packaging. By having a genuine conversation with someone and picking up on their concerns e.g. my skin is dry, I have really bad acne scars, I struggle to lose weight etc you will find it easy to recommend Acti-Labs products that can help them.

Attending events. Many Ambassadors like to attend events as a way of talking with local people about the products. Direct Sales is all about having a range of local customers who buy from you on a regular basis so local events are perfect. With your well laid out table showing the beautiful range of purple and silver you will find you attract attention and people come over to see what is on offer. This is a great way to book appointments to see people 1-to-1, arrange parties or even sponsor people into your team. All by just talking with people on the day.

Acti-Labs Ambassadors show, recommend, share, talk and demonstrate products – SELLING never comes into it. So, if you really like the idea of generating extra income and the thought of selling frightens you (as much as it does me) then give me a call, Diane, 07745 858483 or click here to join and get started. I will be in touch about other ways you can sell without selling, or talk rather than sell.